What is cloud hosting, how cloud web hosting works ?


From the last decades, internet has expanded so quickly in the world. Due to this, we have seen tremendous growth in technology advancement. Now internet speed is 100  times faster then before where as if we are talking about hosting price – which is dramatically decrease.  In today day , cloud hosting has become so famous as far as we concern about web hosting. Many companies start giving cloud hosting services to there clients. But before to know about cloud hosting let’s know what actually cloud hosting is?

What is cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is a place where data is stored over many different computers and from there it serve service through internet via network connection. This means we can say, in cloud hosting, there is no such physical place where we can point or label as the cloud.

In other example, in cloud hosting , it is like a virtual disc which have tremendous capacity and it spread web data like css, html files or images over cluster of many hard drives connected together. and a cloud setup with unlimited machines provide by server cluster and you can build a cloud space also.

Cloud hosting example – Google.com

Yes , you head right, google.com is the finest example of cloud hosting. Google has spread its all resources over many cloud server and there is no wonder you have ever seen any downtime over the past decade.

How does Cloud hosting works

as we explained above many server works in cloud hosting and each server carrying out particular task and in case any server fails to perform a task over cloud, another server temporarily starts as a back-up to render the required resource.

This type of example can be seen in cheap quality of cloud hosting where uses of low quality server hardware decrease the proformance due to overloading of files.

There are many cheap cloud hosting service provider available on internet who provides cheap cloud hosting services but there server get significantly hamper the performance when get overloaded.

Enterprise cloud hosting

If you are looking for enterprise cloud hosting. Here the prime focus is quality. High quality cloud hosting always require in enterprise cloud hosting. Most of the enterprise cloud hosting provider delivers extreme quality of cloud hosting services by using VMware and it is even better then dedicated server if you compare with.


Different between cloud hosting or Dedicated and other form of hosting services.

When you compare cloud hosting with dedicated hosting, the first one is the extremely reliable then the latter one as cloud hosting provides multiple server to complete the task and perform emergency task if required whereas in dedicated server have one single server.

Price & Cost Difference

However there is a different between the cloud hosting and dedicated or other hosting. Price depending on the actual usage. In heavy usage; cloud hosting slightly costlier then dedicated or other server as it work so resilience manner.



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