Top 6 auto insurance companies in usa,


Top 6 auto insurance companies in usa, motorcar auto insurance companies in U.S. (United States)

Here we have shared united states ‘s 6 top auto insurance provider companies and these companies cover almost one third of the market share in the auto insurance sector. These companies provides lucrative perks to the customers which makes them enable in the list of top auto insurance companies in USA like safe driving discount, multiple policy bundles etc. We have gained knowledge and collected intense data of these auto insurance companies which helps you to choose the best suitable insurance companies among all at best competitive rates according to your requirement.


1 State Farm

State farm is one of the biggest auto and home insurance company in U.S. which covers around 18% of market share itself. It’s (Sate farm) ‘s extensive menu of approximately 100 service and more then 17,500 agents spread across the nationwide makes it powerful company in auto and home insurance sector. That’s why many auto drivers finds it’s (state farm) service suitable according their needs.

Let’s check its discounts and perks

  1. Anti – Theft
  2. Offer homeowner policy
  3. Accident free discount
  4. Drive safe and save

2. Geico

The second spot holds by Geico as it provides its customers’ lucrative services. If you find it easy to managing your account online than in- parson, we recommend you Gieco.  Gieco provides lowest price auto insurance. In addition to this, Gieco offers simple online application and its account managing tools are quite simple to use. In auto insurance coverage Gieco provides vital services like rental reimbursement, emergency roadside assistance, mechanical breakdown etc.

 3. Allstate

Allstate is the third most famous auto insurance company which usually known for its high price, but it offers its customers a solid menu of discounts. With numerous integrated discount you can save upto 25% of premiums. Allstate also offers premier discount, in this discount Allstate allows you for driving for three years without violation or accidents.

4. Progressive

Progressive is the forth best auto insurance company in U.S. which provides two amazing tools, first one is called “Name Your Price” which helps you to choose the best auto insurance plan for you in your budget and second is an online quote tool that gives you the estimate of company rates, apart this it also show you the rates of other company offers, like that you can easily compare the plan and choose the best for you. Progressive offers you discount like safe driver and multi car, moreover you can easily create a custom package with the right amount of coverage and a premium that suits for you.


5 Farmers

Farmers is also one of the top auto insurance company. If you are looking for additional features in your auto insurance policy, then farmers could be one of the best option for you. There are som great features farmers offers like small-claim forgiveness, new car replacement and accident forgiveness etc. For Professionals like accountants, doctors, teachers, engineers, pilots, firefighters, lawyers etc. Farmers also offers some affinity discounts.

6. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is another best company in auto insurance policies which offers some value added services like, in Liberty Mutual auto insurance policy it offers accident forgiveness if you completed five years with accident or violation free, also gives you 24 hours roadside assistance and a lifetime repair guarantee. So these are the lucrative perks attract the customers.

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