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Cloud hosting vs Shared hosting , difference between cloud hosting and shared hosting , cloud web hosting

Here few things are common in both cloud hosting and shared hosting ( traditional hosting )and these are websites, servers, web hosting providers. In among all hosting plans shared hosting are most popular plan as it is the cheapest plan from all hosting plans.

Let’s know the difference between cloud hosting and shared hosting

What every customer expect from web hosting – uptime, security, pricing, performance, speed, support etc.

If we go back in the history, we find shared hosting has a longest time web hosting history whereas cloud hosting came in web hosting in the year of 1996. And since then it (cloud hosting) has gained momentum. Let’s know what are the differences between these two popular plans which set them apart from each other.

What is shared hosting and how does it work?

As name suggest – in shared web hosting, multiple websites hosting together on one server and shares it’s resources like storage, database, bandwidth, disc space etc. For small entrepreneur and startup companies prefer shared hosting plans as it is comparatively cheaper in price then cloud hosting and easy to use. But if you have a website having large volume of traffic then shared hosting is not a good idea you must opt for vps or cloud hosting for better performance.

What is cloud hosting and how does it work?

So far we have talked about shared web hosting , now let’s talk about cloud hosting. In cloud hosting – a website hosted on a cluster of server instead of hosted on one server shared server and if any failure or issue occurred then your website easily migrated on other server. Cloud hosting is based on computing technology so it allows multiple machines and works as one entity. Presence of many server sure the success of cloud hosting.

Features of Cloud hosting and Shared hosting


Although shared hosting ( traditional hosting ) assured its clients for giving 99.99% uptime. However it is quite challenging to do so because of its nature of shared hosting. As we know in shared hosting  all websites hosted on single server and all websites shares server’s all resources together and in case if any website experience unprecedented high traffic could be the reason of downtime issue for all the website hosted on that particular server.

Whereas in cloud hosting, this issue cannot be faced by the user as user provide a dedicated server which has impeccable uptime and in the case of any issue faced by the server then website moved to another functioning server which eliminate the chance of downtime of website.



In support – Cloud hosting is always ahead of shared hosting. All the cloud hosting user gets the more feature then shared hosting like cloud hosting user gets unlimited storage, bandwidth, ram etc.

In shared hosting – user has limited support in this regards means shared hosting user have limited storage, bandwidth as per the hosting plan. Once any user reached to threshold to their lime or overuses server resources then monitoring team may warned the user about it and it can cause repercussions like suspension of account or ask him to upgrade the plan.


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