best auto insurance company in Florida – Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies Florida


best auto insurance company in Florida

It is a tough job for the driver for finding the best auto insurance company in Florida from many companies. For to choose the best company we have shared a list of top auto insurance companies with their premium rates and also shared some information which makes them different from others.

Rank       Auto Insurance companies name      Primium Underwritten (in Billions)      Market Share


1             GEICO                                                               $4.0 billion                                                   23%

2              Progressive                                                     $2.6 billion                                                  15%

3              State Farm                                                       $2.8 billion                                                  16%

4              USAA                                                                $1.2 billion                                                     7%

5             Allstate                                                              $1.9 billion                                                11%

6              Liberty Mutual                                                $0.6 billion                                                   3%

7             Farmers                                                               $0.4 billion                                                    2%

8              Travelers                                                            $0.4 billion                                                   2%

9             Infinity                                                              $0.4 billion                                                     2%

10           AmTrust Financial                                             $0.4 billion                                                   2%

  1. GEICO is the biggest auto insurance company in Florida and one of the largest company in country. The important thing of this company is , for completing defensive driving couse, it (GEICO) gives sunshine state policyholders, discount up to 10%. Moreover GEICO, gives discount to those drivers also who take online courses which offers by florida safety council and national safety council and also GEICO provides discount to alumni from many university like Florida Gulf Coast University and Florida Atlantic University.

Our Opinion : After to know about the shopping experience and low rates. we found that GEICO is the one of the best auto insurance company in florida. if you are looking for low rate great shopping experience than GEICO is the best company.


auto insurance companies in florida


2 Progressive : Progressive is also one of the top auto insurance company in florida . Progressive has more then 15% of account of all auto insurance policies underwritten in florida. Progressive has 8 full service center in florida. Good thing of this company is , if any driver involved in any small accident then driver can drop off his/her vehical at service center in order to receive estimate on the cost of repair.

Our Opinion : What we found , progressive is not much affordable unlike other insurance companies but this company provides it’s policy holders a long list of discount which helps them to mitigate high rates. one of its best offer is snapshot program, according to which, policyholders get rewards for safe driving habit. If you are a safe driver than you should consider Progressive auto insurance company.

3 State Farm : State farm is also the one of the top auto insurance company in florida. There is an abundance of State farm agents like you can see around 34 agents in orlando and around 27 agents you can find in Miami. State farm also provides discount programs for the drivers who are under 25 years old but in this case, the driver should not have done any violations or at fault accidents in the past three years. In order to participate, all you need is to sign up online or through your agent or through mobile app.

Our Opinion : What we believe is state farm is one of the best option for the drivers in florida who easily access to local agent. This will prevent drivers to go far to speak to someone in person. Though State Farm is not the very affordable auto company but is cheaper from other companies like Progressive etc.


  1. USAA : USAA is also one of the largest auto insurance company in florida. But important thing to know about this company is , USAA is only provides auto insurance to member of U.S. Military and their family. But as we know that florida is a home of 21 military bases.

Our Opinion : USAA is not only affordable insurance company but also provides a excellent customer service to it’s policyholders and if you are a military employee than USAA offers you perks like insurance discount when store your vehicle.


  1. AllState : All auto insurance companies provides their policyholders option to search their agent by zip code. But Allstate , provides map along with results so that policyholder easily access their agents.

Our Opinion : We would say Allstate is not a affordable auto insurance company as compare to other auto insurance companies in florida. We understand that providing a map along with result for easy access to their agent but if we consider its high rates then we will recommend other auto insurance companies like Progressive, Statefarm etc.

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